Are you suffering from osteoporosis, osteopenia, weak bones or an elevated risk of falling? You wish to stay active, continue your regular physical activity or begin a new exercice program? We are now offering a new therapeutic program personalised to your specific needs : OSTEO-CIRCUIT. Our physiotherapists have completed a training in Toronto called « Osteo-Circuit, Building Better Bones » taught by Bonny O’Hare, the physiotherapist that created this innovative program. The training is based on the most recent studies and has been effectively improving bone health since 2005.


A summary of the Osteo-Circuit program :

Goals :

  • improve posture, flexibility, muscle strength and balance
  • reduce pain
  • decrease risk of fall and fracture
  • limit future loss of bone
  • improve autonomy


  1. a physical and functional evaluation with objective measurements to determine your current physical capacities
  2. prescription of an exercice program to be done individually or in a group, and at home
  3. regular re-evaluation of your condition and a detailed medical report
  4. exercices are adapted to your individual needs to ensure a smooth and confortable progression